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Here are some featured profiles of our successful alumni. Contact us if you would like to be featured or if you know of an alumnus/alumna who should be featured!

  • Dr Kneeland Youngblood

    Dr Kneeland Youngblood

    Dr. Kneeland Youngblood: Physician, businessman, and presidential appointee to Bill Clinton. Dr. Kneeland Youngblood, was born in Texas.  He attended Princeton University, earning his B.A. degree in political science in 1978. While at Princeton, Youngblood spent a Semester Abroad in 1977 at Warnborough College in Oxford, England. Youngblood sits on many boards including GAP, Burger […]

  • Betsy Ann Buchanan, PhD

    Dr Betsy Ann Buchanan

    Dr Betsy Ann Buchanan is credited with having established Western Australia’s first Community Law Centre in 1976.  Now, there are 280 such centres in Western Australia. She worked as an advocate based at the Aboriginal Medical Service (later the Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service) working on cases involving housing evictions, the handicapped child’s allowance, the reporting […]

  • Dalton Watler-Lyons, PhD

    Dalton Watler-Lyons

    A resident of the Cayman Islands, Dr Dalton Watler-Lyons has a history of working for the government of the Cayman Islands, most recently in the role of a Deputy Chief Officer, but his background and passion has long been in sports. He has represented the Cayman Islands in a number of international sporting events including […]

  • Matthew Sweetwood, PhD

    Matthew Sweetwood

    Dr Matthew Sweetwood was Warnborough College Ireland’s second ever PhD candidate.  His Ph.D was in Computer Science and he focused on creating a specialised automated solution for a wholesale photographic company. This was in the late 90s. Today, Matthew is a successful speaker, author and photography expert. Matthew comes from a professional camera background with […]

  • Becky Garrison

    Becky Garrison

    Warnborough began by offering American students the opportunity to study an Oxford style of education from their campus in Boars Hill just outside of Oxford. In these formative years, the college drew heavily on the support of its many friends, including the Garrison family. Dr Karl and Nancy Garrison were strong supporters of the college […]

  • Carmel Thompson

    Ms Carmel Thompson

    Ms Carmel Thompson is the CEO of The Southern Cross Connection. Carmel was previously the owner of Achievers International College & Achievers Business College in Brisbane which offered courses in Business, Travel, Hospitality, Management and Information Technology to both local and overseas students. In 1994 Carmel foresaw a shift in education and training out of the […]

  • Edward Agyeman, PhD

    Dr Edward Agyeman

    Dr Edward Agyeman was Auditor General of Ghana for many years, having served in Public Office for over 30 years. His Doctoral dissertation at Warnborough College was entitled “Fighting Corruption In Ghana: Evidence Of Political Will In Democratic And Military Eras” and he graduated in 2013. He is now Vice-President of the Chartered Institute of […]

  • Dato’ Syed Hussain Syed Husman, PhD

    Dato' Dr Syed Hussain

    Dr. Syed Hussain is the driving force behind the growth of Baytech Group of Companies. His strategic and innovative approach to reflect Baytech group of companies as a prominent service provider to major Oil clients has shown extraordinary growth, since its inception in 2007. His approach to talent development via continuous education, competency building and […]

  • Robert Reece, PhD

    Dr Robert Reece

    Robert Reece is a screenwriter who has written projects for Warner Bros., Paramount, Disney, Universal and 20th Century Fox.  He worked on some of Disney’s animated family favorites including the Annie nominated Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning and Cinderella: A Twist In Time.  He wrote the independent film “A Fare To Remember” seen on Lifetime TV, as well as […]

  • Linda Wilde, PhD

    Dr Linda Wilde

    Hon. Dr. Linda M. Wilde is a retired Superior court judge from California in the United States.  She holds a juris doctorate, a masters in international relations, as well as a PhD in art history from Warnborough College, Ireland.  Linda’s dissertation on “The Origins and Iconography of the Mission San Diego’s Mystic Marriage of St. […]