Dato’ Syed Hussain Syed Husman, PhD

Dato’ Syed Hussain Syed Husman, PhD

Dato' Dr Syed Hussain
Dato' Dr Syed Hussain

Dato’ Dr Syed Hussain

Dr. Syed Hussain is the driving force behind the growth of Baytech Group of Companies. His strategic and innovative approach to reflect Baytech group of companies as a prominent service provider to major Oil clients has shown extraordinary growth, since its inception in 2007. His approach to talent development via continuous education, competency building and service ratings has elevated the group as a preferred service vendor to all major oil companies.

Dr. Syed Hussain started his education in Malaysia with a Diploma in Business from Institute Technology Malaysia (ITM), Shah Alam. He then proceed to obtain his Bachelor and Master in Business from Western Illinois University in the Unites States (US). After several years of industrial experience, Dr. Syed Hussain continued to further his studies and obtained a Doctorate (PhD) in Industrial Relations from Warnborough College.  He has also completed a Senior Management Development Program (SMP) from Harvard.

In 1987, Dr. Syed Hussain joined ICI/CCM as works Human Resources Officer, responsible for Human Resource for the following Plants; Chlorine Plant, Ammonia Nitrate Plant, Fertilizer Plant and Special Chemical Plant. As a result of his extraordinary achievements, in 1990, Dr. Syed Hussain was promoted to be the HR Manager for the group. During his stay at ICI, Dr. Syed Hussain was involved with the technical project team responsible for building and relocating the Chlorine, Paints and Special Chemical Plants to outside state of Selangor.

In 1992, Dr. Syed Hussain was recruited to Join Procter and Gamble Malaysia/Singapore as a Director, responsible for Human Resources, Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations. Key achievement of Dr. Syed Hussain includes relocation of the Asian Regional Officer from Hong Kong to Singapore and the establishment of joint venture between Procter and Gamble (US) with FELDA to form the world largest Oleo Chemical Plant in Kuantan called FPG Malaysia.

In 1997, Dr. Syed Hussain was recruited to join Rothman Malaysia as a Director responsible for Human Resources, Security and Government Relations. He was also appointed to the Board of Directors, a year later. Dr. Syed Hussain played a prominent role in the merger of MTC (Malaysian Tobacco) and Rothman of Pall Mall to become British American Tobacco (BAT). Some of the challenges includes merging of two production facilities, National Unions, separate distribution & logistics entities and different working cultures. Besides that, due to various redundancies, Dr. Syed was also responsible in retrenchment of workforce by 4,000 employees, while ensuring the continuous growth of market shares. The merger was a success in Malaysia.

After the merger, Dr. Syed Hussain was invited to join Ramunia Oil and Gas as Group Director, Human Resources, Government Relations and Strategic Project. Dr. Syed Hussain was involved in the upgrade of Ramunia Fabrication Yard projects. He also worked on B193, B22 (India), CPOC (Thailand), MOQ (Qatar), and Pluto (Australia) projects.

Having gained various experiences working for Multi-National Companies, in 2010, Dr. Syed Hussain took the bold step to establish his own business in Oil and Gas Services and re-branded SVT Resources through a joint venture agreement with SVT Perth, Western Australia.

In 2015, Baytech was established as a local company to take advantage of national localization initiatives. Baytech Resources has now widen its scope of Services from Vibration and Advance Engineering to include IR Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound Assessment, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Telecommunication Services.

Dr. Syed Hussain also contributed to the Nation through his services in the following Organizations:

  1. Malaysia Employee Federation
  2. National Labour Advisory Council
  3. Board member of University Putra Malaysia
  4. Chairman at Putra Business School

Dr. Syed Hussain also been awarded several State awards for his services such as:

  1. “PMC” award from His Highness Sultan Negeri Sembilan
  2. “Justice of Peace” form His Highness Negeri Sembilan
  3. “Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang” from His Highness Pahang