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Specific and Open Scholarships

Warnborough College awards various partial scholarships each year. The awarding of scholarships fits in with two of our aims: to help as many candidates realise their potential, and to contribute to the development of the worldwide community. Interfacing with these two aims is the motivation to honour individuals and organisations who have contributed to Warnborough’s own development and history in a positive way.

How do the Scholarships Work?

These awards are based on financial need and merit. There are no restrictions on nationality, race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or veteran’s status.

Currently, there are no full scholarships. All awards granted will go towards defraying a part of the total tuition fees.

Applicants should complete the official application form (online) with:

  • A statement as to why they feel they should be considered for an award
  • A statement regarding their financial status (submit proof, e.g. recent tax return, salary slips, etc.)
  • A statement of their career goals
  • A statement of how they feel they can contribute to the mission and philosophy of Warnborough

Each application will be considered by the Scholarship Committee. All decisions made are final, and no correspondence will be entered into. The Scholarship Committee and Warnborough are not obliged to award a specific amount or more than once.

Typically, each scholarship may come with certain conditions required of the recipient. These could be as simple as a term report on their progress directed to the Committee, or more involved (e.g. teaching for Warnborough at a later stage).

It is up to each candidate to agree (or not) to their own terms and conditions. Should conditions not be met by the candidate, Warnborough reserves the right to nullify the award and/or request for all fees in lieu to be repaid back.

Scholarships cannot be exchanged for cash or other things.

Available Scholarships

Specific and Open Scholarships are available to all. They are only applicable to our graduate programmes. Scholarships are NOT awarded to students participating on a study programme through one of our Academic Partners or Learning Centres.

Ethyl M. Tempest-Mogg Poetry and Literature
Stephen Blake Open
Arthur Daitch Business
Eunice Davis, MBE Social Sciences
Dr. William Chalker Open
Prof.  Margaret Frowe History
Dr. Karl & Nancy Garrison Social Sciences
Dr. Harry Gregson Science
Jonathon Gross Open
Evelyn D. Hay History
Prof. Vic Markham Business
Prof. Eric Radford Education
Joan Langley-Smith Open
John McGeachie, MBE Business
Ethel L. Stainer Open
Winifred Page Open
William Walker Horticulture
Dr. John & Tommye Allen Open
Diane Carter Music/Art
Sister Gabrielle Sullivan Philosophy/Religion
Sir Christopher White, Bt. Performing Arts
Dr. Tony  & Maxine Marinaccio Education
Dr. Raymond & Lynn Morland Open
Jonathan Burrell Health Sciences

Apart from the WISE 60 Scholarships, awards vary  from €500 to €6,000 and the decision of the Scholarship Committee will be final in all allocation of awards.

If you would like to establish a scholarship for a special need, or in memory of a loved one please email: president@warnborough.edu