Warnborough in History

Warnborough was founded in Oxford in 1973. Since then, the College has amassed a large collection of documents and photos. The Archives Project seeks to begin the process of archiving these documents into an electronic format. These will be organised in an online database for historical and research purposes. This project will be an ongoing task throughout the years.

Alumni, faculty, Friends of Warnborough and others are encouraged to submit photographs, publications, documents and other items relating to their time at Warnborough. These will be copied and returned, as requested. The Archives database will trace and illustrate the history of Warnborough’s achievements from a small college in Oxford to a global institution.

Volunteers for this project are greatly welcomed.

Please email Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg at president@warnborough.edu if you can help in any way.

See our 2013 40th Anniversary video