WHO: Warnborough College Helping Others

A vital part of the Warnborough College vision is to encourage a global effort towards international friendship, peace and goodwill, and to foster a spirit of helping others who are disadvantaged through economic, educational, social or political circumstances.

Alumni, students, academics and friends are encouraged to help the betterment of others in any way deemed appropriate. This may take the form of donations, gifts, fund raising, endowments and benefactions for special purposes, material aid, scholarships, time giving, advising, teaching and mentoring.

This is why we have created the Warnborough Humanitarian Outreach project.


SOFAAG and SOFFAD work closely in collaboration with other groups and individuals to help overcome poverty and disease in Ghana in particular and Africa generally, and provide Health Education for people at the grassroots.

SOFAAG was founded by the late Nana Kwabena Boakye Owoahene, Sub-Chief and Nkosuohene of Abuohia, Ashanti, (also known as Dr. Joseph Theodore Bradford), Sr. Dr. Petrona SAC Schmitz and Dr Judith Campbell. We are proud to say that all three are Warnborough College alumni.

The Directors, Trustees and Executive Committee together with a support team, carry out the work of SOFAAG and SOFFAD on a non-remunerative basis. Can you help?

Nana Owusu Senyah, with some of the workmen at the begining of the Sanitation ProjectWarnborough College is the educational advisor to SOFAAG and SOFFAD providing support and guidance for its educational projects in Ghana and throughout Africa. Also, Warnborough College provides scholarships, and contributes to educational and developmental schemes. Can you help?

For more information, or to volunteer or offer sponsorship, please visit SOFAAG’s website. www.sofaag.com